About us

We want your ideas!

With our Maker Store & Maker Space founded in Berlin in 2014 we consider us to be part of the maker scene. It is our goal to bring together interested people, makers and those who would like to become makers in order to exchange experience and learn from each other. Everyone is welcome – diversity ensures new ideas, enrichment and knowledge. We offer workshops, trainings and seminars in our Maker Space that cover various subjects and would like to give people the opportunity to get to know our products and to exchange ideas. You can easily apply online for our events and you also have the possibility to rent our Maker Space. Just send us an email (service@allknow.de) and we’ll make a reservation for you.

Our Maker Store offers a huge variety of products, microcontrollers and single-board computers, robots and 3D printers – and all brick sets by Brick’R’knowledge.

We offer GIFT VOUCHERS for sale!

For more bricks, our blog and events click here: https://www.brickrknowledge.de/en/

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